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Brixton Energy Solar 1 (BES1) Share Offer

2nd March 2012: Helianth Systems is supporting the installation of the first community owned PV installation in an inner city location. The project will install several hundred square metres of solar panels on the roofs of the Loughborough Estate in Brixton, one the UK’s most economically deprived areas. Funding is being raised by a £75,000 community Share Offer, providing a return to investors of up to 3% p.a . For more information, please visit Brixton Energy at 

Helianth Systems is shortlisted as finalist - Cleantech Open UK

10 October 2011: Helianth Systems Ltd pitched to the Cleantech Open UK competition which was organised by the Long Run Venture Bank in London. Helianth was one of ten finalists shortlisted for this competition.

Attendance at SolNet-PhD course in Kassel, Germany 23-27 August 2011

22 August 2011: Chris Schuetze, MD of Helianth Systems Ltd has been invited to attend a week-long PhD level seminar on Advanced Applications of Solar Thermal Systems. This is organised by the international PhD network SolNet, co-ordinated by Kassel University, Germany and sponsored by the German Federal Industry Association fore House, Energy and Environmental Technologies and the German Federal Solar Industry Association. 

Report of interim data from Stratodisc tests

22 August 2011: Helianth Systems Ltd announces very positive results from the testing of a basic Stratodisc prototype. Based on expert computer modelling of the dynamic system parameters a simple prototype design was fabricated and tested in a cylindrical vessel of 70 litres volume.  The presence of Stratodisc allowed 32 litres of hot water to discharge from the vessel before the outlet temperature began to drop, compared with only 16 litres in the same vessel without Stratodisc. More refined prototype designs are now in preparation to bring the hot water discharge volume closer to the 69 litres predicted by the model.  For further information please click here.

New project to make space and applicance cooling more efficient

8 August 2011: Helianth Systems Ltd announces the launch of project Heathog, a new technology which will reduce significantly the amount of electrical energy used to cool living and work spaces and electronic appliances. Helianth is in the process of preparing an application to the Technology Strategy Board to obtain grant funding for a proof-of-concept study and will be looking to raise £34K in match-funding from private investors. For further information please click here.

Presentation to Cambridge Capital Group

21st October 2010: Helianth Systems Ltd gave a presentation at the Autumn meeting of the Cambridge Capital Group.

Receipt of Advance Assurance for the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)

20th October 2010: Helianth Systems Ltd has received advanced assurance from the HMRC that we will be permitted to issue certificates under Section 204 (1) ITA 2007 in respect of ordinary shares issued to individuals.

Cambridge Angels Mentoring Day

20th October 2010: Chris Schuetze, Managing Director of Helianth Systems, took part in the Cambridge Angels Mentoring Day.

New Business Address

1 October 2010: Helianth Systems Ltd has relocated its business activities to the London Bioscience Innovation Centre, Royal College Street, London NW1 0NH.

Innovation Central London Project Grant

1 October 2010: Helianth Systems Ltd has been granted a bursary of £3,500 by the Innovation Central London Project, which offers grant support to new, innovative creative and technical businesses in Camden that need help to get started on the road to success, funded by the London Borough of Camden.

Presentation to the Oxford Early Investment Network

8 September 2010: Helianth Systems Ltd gave a presentation to members of the Oxford Early Investment (OEI) network.

SolarMia® trademark registered

27 August 2010: Helianth Systems Ltd has received notification from  the UK Patent Office that SolarMia® has been registered as a trademark in the UK.


2 August 2010: Helianth Systems Ltd has obtained proof-of-concept for its proprietary Stratodisc technology. Stratodisc is the core mechanism for Helianth's SolarMia® solar water heating system. The experimental work was carried out by Helianth's collaborator Materials Technology Ltd.

Collaboration between Helianth Systems Ltd and Materials Technology Ltd

17 June 2010: Helianth Systems Ltd has entered into a collaboration agreement with Materials Technology Ltd to develop Helianth's proprietary Stratomax and Stratodisc technologies.



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